New Website!

The new website is finally here! Some parts are still under construction, but it's now live. A few improvements:

-You can listen to music directly on the website now. Click "Hear" to listen to some recent tunes; my older albums can be found in the secondary scrolling at the bottom of each page.

-You can purchase merch directly on the website now. Currently, we only have my posters featured, but new items will be added shortly.

-Load times should generally be faster. Also, the site now has a mobile version, so everything should be easier to access on your phones.

In other news, a couple of shows coming up in June, one at Parc des Ameriques on June 8th (part of Montreal Fringe Festival) and a show at O Patro Vys on the evening of June 20th.

Okay -- inaugural message complete. I will post further details about the shows and upcoming album over the coming weeks.

Love -